About Us


Stoller has been entered in Turkish market in 2002 via Izotar Company which was founded in 1999 in Izmir and taking over by Stoller Int. After acquisition by Stoller in July of 2014, Izotar has become 100 % as a member of Stoller family. This huge change adds researcher, producer and exporter identity to its previous importer status by converting Izotar’s locality into international wise. Stoller has been in service in agriculture sector since 1970. With its 45 years history Stoller Group has lots of production facilities in Turkey, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Spain, China, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, South Africa, Australia, Guatemala, Philippines.

Stoller has been trading in more than SOdifferent countries with its own binaresmi-STOLLERcompanies or distributers. The company which gives great importance to R&D works has been working with expert staff that has PhD and master degree and it maintains itsworks by being in cooperation with several universities. Stoller has got lots of patented products that rotectsits intellectual property rights in word wide scale. With the description of Jerry Stoller who is the founder and CEO of Stoller; ‘Stoller Company has been dedicated to understand and increase the genetic potential of plants that they have naturally by farmers’.

Stoller Company has gained customer confidence in a few times with quality products &services and continues to give serviceby increasing product variety every year.Company has established sales network to cover the whole Turkey with its local offices and distributors. Service was given into hundreds of dealers and growers by this network. The staffs of company consist of agriculture engineer expert who visit regularly growers to determinate plant nutrition problems,give best solutions on time and help to increase yield and quality.