In our age, establish a vineyardusingmodern growing techniques requires good planning before anything else. Ifpre-plant planning isdone better, the higher the income canbe obtained from the vineyardswhose economic life is assumed to be about 35 years.

It is very important that the plant a vineyard which has long economic lifetime and it is very difficult or even impossible to compensate for a fault during the installation.The success of the vineyard is to ensure that the soil and climate factors are well known and at the beginning, good planning and soil-climate, rootstock-variety and finishing system are in harmony.This situation can provide great profitability to the producer as well as extend the economic life of the vineyard.Therefore, when establishing a vineyard, it is necessary to adjust factors such as climate, soil, position, direction, rootstock and pen selection, leveling, inter-row and top-row distances. Source:

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