Te Company was founded by Jerry Stoller, and aims to provide innovative solutions to increase the productivity of plants. Jerry Stoller is recognized as a leading authority on international field of plant development and nutrition and this feature plays an important role in the growth of Stoller over the years. Stoller Group is headquartered in Houston, Texas, now has over 900 employees in more than 50 countries and factories in 16 countries all over the world.
The advantage of Stoller’s products comes from command on plant physiology and experience from plant development processes. Only Stoller products have the technology to bring the plant development to the top even in difficult season conditions.
The value of Stoller’s products can be found in our expertise and understanding of the plant hormone balance, how it relates to the growth stages of crops and the impact hormonal activity has on plant development and performance. Only Stoller products contain our proprietary technology, which is proven to ensure optimum plant growth so you can get the most out of every hectar — no matter what conditions or challenges you face during the season.



In 1972, Stoller focused his sales beyond North America, and based on growth potential, herbal production diversity and appropriate business partnership opportunities, followed global trend footprints and continued to develop product portfolio. Today, more than 80% Stoller’s sales come from international sales.

In five continents and in every country, producers are faced with difficulties such as extreme weather conditions, drought, salinity, and soil conditions. Stoller specialists accept these requirements as an advantage to use Stoller technology. This point of view makes the company globally increasing plant production company.

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