Fruits with their calorie, vitamins, minerals and due to their beautiful appearance, owing to their effects on appetite, have very important place in our feedings.

Also, they are the raw materials of fruit juice, canned food, jam, marmalade, molasses and drying technologies.

Here in this lesson, we will learn about the place and situation of fruit gardening in Turkey with its big importance.


Climate and soil type of Turkey are suitable for production of many types of fruits. Many types of fruits from all around the World can be produced in our country.

Today in Turkey, 35 types of fruits are widely produced. The most produced fruits are grape, apple, olive and orange. There is a rapid increase in production of fruits such as strawberries, kiwi, raspberries and blackberries. According to data of 2000 year, our fruit production exceeded 13 million tons.


In last years, both the quantity and quality of fruits which are produced in our country have increased. Our country exports so many kinds of fruits and gains foreign currency. In recent years, especially for cherry, in Europe has been created “Turkish Cherry” image.

The increase in the quantity and quality of fruits, has a great effect of our farmers’ education of how to grow in accordance with the technique.

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