Cotton is actually a perennial tropical plant.It has 80-120 cm long perpendicular body, separate pine and fruit branches and pile roots down to 180 cm. According to the varietal feature, cotton leaves can change from broad range to thin, long, deeply shaped.The agriculture of cotton, which has a long appearance as a flowering and harvesting cycle, is made as a one year plant.

Most of the fabrics that people use in their clothing are made of cotton. Cotton is not only used in the textile industry, but also raw materials in the oil industry because with their 17-24% fat content of cotton seeds. Cotton due to its place in human life and benefits, has an important place in Turkey`s and World`s economy.  According to the 1997 statistics, cotton was planted in the area of 265,228 ha in our territory and approximately 800,000 tonnes of cotton was obtained from the area. Source:

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